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Hello everyone. Welcome to my site, “Heidi’s Gluten-Free Pantry.” I am so glad you stopped by.

Travel with me as I take you on my journey showing you how I chose to turn my eating habits around to going gluten-free.

I became deeply passionate about this topic after being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity disorder in 2013. I will share the many tips and tricks I learned over the years by showing you how to kickstart your new gluten-free way of living.

When I first started, I thought shopping would be an expensive endeavor. As it turned out, it wasn’t bad at all. Soon, you will discover for yourself the difference in the way you feel after a week or two of going without eating gluten.

How to Bake With Various Gluten-Free Flours

When I first began baking and cooking using these different gluten-free flours, it became a whole new experience. I never knew there were so many of them. At first, my baking came out gooey in the middle and cooked around the edges when I used a glassware dish. It still tasted good even though it looked awful, unlike the recipe picture. I did a lot of laughing at myself along the way.

At first, I didn’t realize using glassware dishes was a no-no with baking or gluten-free cooking. In one of my cookbooks, I read that ceramic bakeware or metal pans work better because it cooks evenly. Who knew!

At first, I wasn’t crazy about going out to restaurants. My favorite ones during that time didn’t cater to those who had to be gluten-free. It was hard for me to eat out anywhere, especially when traveling.

Sharing My Gluten-Free How-To Tips With Others

From time to time, while going grocery shopping, I have talked with many who were at the beginning stages of their gluten-free process of finding the right products. During my conversations, I gave many tips and ideas about where to begin. I have even told them about the different foods I bought that were very good and tasty.

I have given out my phone number and email address many times to those who have asked for guidance. I was always happy to do this because of remembering what it was like for me initially.

Gotten Better and Better with Gluten-Free Baking and Cooking

Over the years, I have gotten better and better with my baking and cooking. I even taught myself how to tweak my favorite regular recipes into gluten-free ones using the various gluten-free flours. Plus, how to substitute different ingredients with healthier alternatives.

You will soon discover exciting new ways, ideas, tips, and tricks to kickstart your new gluten-free way of living. After, you will realize gluten-free is a natural and wholesome way of eating!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave your reply in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

All my best to you,
Heidi, Founder of Heidi’s Gluten-Free Pantry

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